To find a way to process stress, we first look at what “stress” is for each one of us, because it is a very personal experience. It can be that we experience physical tension, fast and shallow breathing, frantic thoughts, lack of concentration, struggle with fear, anger or other emotions, difficulty to find the right words and many other sensations.


For some people specific situations provoke that intensity, which we are simply calling “stress” here: an argument with a spouse, preparing for an exam, talking in front of a group, not being able to fall asleep, being mad and not knowing what to do with ourselves or feeling a bit sick, but still trying to take care of all our responsibilities.


The “stress” can also be a constant humming in the background of our life: feeling not good enough, a constant need to hurry, fear that something bad is about to happen or not being able to stop thinking of things that need to be done.


By paying attention to specific details of our experience of stress we can gain clarity about what stands in our way of finding relief. Now the interesting and often surprising journey of discovering what else is possible can begin. Involving physical, mental and emotional levels, we will explore new ways of meeting life's challenges.

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