Baba Ghella

Years of depression as a teenager pushed me out of my limited view of the world and the human condition looking for a life that would make sense. I read and read, travelled for years, explore cultures and landscapes, experienced substances and practices, met all sorts of people, studied old traditions and new techniques, and rediscovered a sense of belonging and joy of being alive.

As the years passed, i could look back and appreciate what a journey has been from wanting to die to this deep sense of aliveness and resilience, even through the hard times! I realized that what I learned in this journey is what I want my contribute to the world to be. I studied and trained myself in the practices that most helped me on my own development to be able to offer them to who s also looking to find a path back to wellbeing , meaning for and enjoyment of life . I m happily working with nature and with people, and continue to learn, enjoy and evolve as I m building my dream life into reality.

Italian, English, Spanish, French, Greek
60 € price per Session

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Teaching body attention to improve your well being!