Bernhard Etzlinger

The great art of being is to live with all senses in the now. Thinking clearly, moving freely, doing contentedly, sensing deeply. These four pillars I pass on, and they describe my own journey. Each of these has led to what I pass on today in individual sessions and group workshops.

The joy of thinking led me to many well-known scientists and to a leading position at a technical university. The curiosity for movement let me experience movements from dance, capoeira, parcours, kayak, martial arts and team sports and brought me intense experiences and survival situations in nature. My work as a mechanic, restorer and farmer let me experience the satisfaction of creating.

Only feeling was neglected for a long time. Only when physical limitations shook my created balance, I got to know this area. Through the Grinberg Method I was able to use these limitations as a gateway to arrive emotionally in the Now. This combination also makes sessions so unique, as behind every perceived obstacle a true treasure can be discovered. I love to work with people who want to grow with exactly this treasure!

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