Gözde Utan

l believe in a holistic approach to healthcare that utilizes the interconnection between mental, emotional and physical health. I'm a medical doctor who is of the opinion that Western knowledge can benefit from the wisdom and holistic outlook of Eastern philosophies. My background in Engineering, Molecular Biology and Medicine allows me to view the human body and mind in a scientific way that combines the wonders of modern medicine with the holistic approaches which originated in Eastern philosophy. For over a decade, I have had both a personal and professional interest in alternative healing techniques, yoga and meditation as powerful tools for self-development and wellbeing. Today, I teach my clients how to live a balanced, healthy and powerful life. I travel between Italy and Turkey and regularly work with people from many different backgrounds both on an individual basis and in groups. I look forward to meeting you! For more information about my experience and qualifications you can visit my LinkedIn. To keep up-to-date with my upcoming talks, events and workshops come join me on Instagram.

English, Italian, Turkish
75 € price per Session

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Teaching body attention to improve your well being!