Iris-Amelie Ginthör-Weinwurm

from an early age only dancing and interested in animals. then a short phase of getting a whiff of film air and mountain air jumping with a snowboard. restoring immobile, by no means lifeless, stone images of bodies with great dedication. as a visual artist I only draw feet. four children, the culmination of all physical and mental activity. in a hurry successful martial artist, to find the real power in the inner moving shamanic meditation. still not grown up, but alert to the fact that everything I have done and experienced revolves around body and mind. therefore now with heart and soul trainer of the Grinberg Method® in my practice in Vienna and online worldwide.

I offer a contingent of places for HALF-PRICE SESSIONS for clients in social distress or from war zones. please contact me if this applies to you and I will tell you if I have a place available.

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Teaching body attention to improve your well being!