Juliette Eröd

The word CHANGE got a competely new meaning to me since I got to know the Grinberg-Method. I used to see change as something that requiers effort, something that I have to push, that exhausts me. My mind told me a hundred of storries why it is better not to change. With the Grinberg-Method my relationship to change differs completely. I learned not to PUT in effort but to DROP effort to make change. To drop the effort that I invested to not feel the fear of failing and the fear of not knowing what will be. To drop the effort that I invested to struggle with my mind, telling me that it is too much for me, that I should be happy with what I have right now, that I am not strong and clever enough. Dropping all these unnecessary efforts alows me to use my energy to think clear and focussed, to do what needs to be done and to agree that it is fucking scary not knowing what will come.

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