Being in the right tension.

Weekly exercise: "Being in the right tension"
1. This week we will choose one stretch that we really like to do. Every day we will perform the stretch twice in a row, about 40 seconds each time. We'll try to find the right tension for us and stay there, so that we can feel the muscle - not too tense and not too loose. At this time we will also notice our breathing and the feeling of the air entering through our nose.
If we are in too much pain and we just want to finish the stretch, it is a sign that the tension is too strong, therefore let go. If we stop paying attention to the stretched muscle and start thinking about everyday things, it is a sign that there is not enough tension, therefore we will add tension. There is a special feeling in being in the right tension, let's try to identify it.
After 40 seconds we will stop the stretch and do it again.
2. In addition to that :
We will pay attention to our daily physical actions, and try to always be in the right tension.
Slamming doors with force = excess tension.
Tension in the back when we try to sleep = more tension.
Busy sitting when we are at work = lack of stress
Weak hand shake without muscle tone = lack of tension
We will try to find in every action what it means to be in the right tension for us. It will always depend on our goal and what we want to achieve.
A few more details
Each string in a guitar has the right tension, when it is not at the right tension the string will damage the harmony of the sound produced, in relation to the other strings and therefore will cause a corrosion. When all the strings are tuned properly, we can produce amazing sounds.
Additional examples:
You can eat and sleep too much or too little. You can talk or be silent too much or too little. The art is finding the right size, the right tension, finding the golden path for us. It will be different for everyone, and every situation is unique, so we can't act by strict rules. We would like to be fully present in the moment to see. Is this the right stress for what I want to achieve?
In many cases excess or lack of tension will cause us to suffer something. The idea of the exercise is to start identifying the right physical tension in the body. Later we will be able to easily identify the right tension in our thought and emotion.
We want our string to be well directed, so that it will be in harmony with everything around us.
Good luck to all of us
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