Blame is lame

Weekly Exercise: "Blame is lame".

"Don't complain and blame in the morning".

Every day this week, from the time we wake up until 12:00, we will not complain or blame anyone or anything.
We will not complain about the weather, about our sleep, about noises, about being passed in line, and so on.

You can complain or accuse under a condition, but before that we will ask permission from those who are with us and see if it is acceptable to them. Can you say something like, "I want to complain a little bit, is that okay with you?" "

Some details about this exercise.

Life doesn't always turn out the way we plan or want it to. When it does, the most comfortable and accessible response for us is to complain about the situation and blame others. We are constantly complaining and blaming others without even realizing it.

What's the problem with that? Why shouldn't I complain and blame?

The problem is that it becomes chronic, that it becomes a fixed habit that we do every day and for a long time. When we get stuck in complaining and blaming, we get trapped in negativity. It robs us of all our strength and ability to act in reality to improve the situation.
We weaken ourselves and invest our energy in digging the hole even deeper instead of trying to get out of it.

We also keep good people away from us, because it is very difficult to be happy next to someone who complains. Complaining is contagious: As soon as you talk to someone and voice your complaints, you can infect them with your frustrated, angry nature. There's a certain sense of righteousness that comes with complaining, a subconscious desire to get more people to complain together, as if that will solve the problem or calm something inside.

That's why I like the idea of asking to complain. You are aware of your desire to complain, and you know that what you have to say might be toxic or unpleasant. And that's why you ask permission before you complain.

Think for a moment: Why do we complain? Why do we blame others? What does this replace? How does this serve us? Is it healthy? Is it healthy to some degree? How do we feel when someone complains to us? Is that pleasant? Is it our nature to complain and blame? Is trying to reduce complaints just an impossible impertinence? The beautification?

I'm curious to see what will happen when I reduce my complaining and blaming.

May we all be successful.

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