Connect to the female quality

Weekly exercise: "Connect to the female quality"
This week, every day, we will take 5 minutes to write.
On the first day we will choose 5 significant women or who have been significant in our lives, and write them with pen on a piece of paper.
For the next five days we'll write a passage, every day about another woman. We will write why we chose her specifically, why she is significant to us, and in how she changed our lives for the better.
As we write, we will create within ourselves the emotion we would feel when we were close to the same woman. We will feel and enjoy the feeling. At the end of each paragraph we will write down the value she expressed towards us, and we will circle it in a circle.
For example: warmth, love, power, friendship, cooperation,
Wisdom, giving, playfulness or any other value...
On the seventh day, we will write down these five values in our diary.
And on each of them we will write down what he says for us, and where in life we would like to express more of it.
For example:
Collaboration :
For me it's doing things together and always considering who's with me. Consider everyone's wishes and find a goal or activity to suit all parties.
I would like to express more of the value of cooperating in relationships with my friends.
A few more details
Lately I've been thinking a lot about what is male energy and what is female energy. An attempt to rethink things, without using opinions and books. The purpose of this exercise is to help me see and appreciate the women in my life and the values they taught me.
The exercise is for women and men
I invite you to join this investigation.
Credit to the amazing Noa Shalom for the photography, and her art (from 2009)
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