Consult with my death

Weekly practice: "Consult with my death"
Warning: talk about death, so only suitable for those who are really interested.
This week we will write with pen on paper 4 true sentences and one question.
1. I am going to die for sure
2. I don't know when I will die
3. I don't know how, and under what circumstances I will die.
4. I can die at any moment.
In light of the fact that my death is certain, and I don't know how much longer I'll stay here - what really matters to me?
Every day we will read the four sentences and the question. Then we will sit quietly for 10 minutes, breathe, feel the body, and in the background remember to hold the question:
"In light of my certain death - what really matters to me? "
We will not try to answer the question - we will just be present and quiet and wait.
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