Really agree to what's happening in reality

Weekly exercise: "Really agree to what's happening in reality"
This week every day we will choose something in our lives that we don’t really accept, don’t allow it to be.
For example: my weight, my age, my injury, my boss, my place of residence, job, relationship, partner, being single, the amount of money I make...
As soon as we think about something, we lie on our back, loosen muscles, and breathe deeply. Let's remember what we chose and just agree that this is the reality: for example "I work at a job I don't like".
But we won't think about it or speak about it in our head. We lie down and feel the stomach, and the whole body and notice the feelings in the stomach and chest. We will make sure to be open and breathing and relaxed.
If we do this, we will probably get feelings (scary) we will just feel them in our body!!!! We won't turn them into additional thoughts, we won't give them names and analyze them, we will just feel.
He who fears can start with easier things in life, and progress gradually according to how he feels. You can choose every day the same thing or something new.
More details for those planning to do the exercise.
The idea is simple, there is situation in life but we don't really accept it, we want it to be different.
This is our attempt to run away from unpleasant emotions... If I really accept what is happening in reality I may experience disappointment, anger, frustration, guilt and other emotions.
The problem is we run from our feelings but the very attempt to run away from them only makes them stronger and stuck them.
If we agree to really feel until the end, feelings will pass and give their place to other feelings.
Feelings are like waves in the ocean, coming and going. We can oppose them or believe they don't exist, but we will endure because the waves are there and they will keep coming. What the exercise is trying to teach is how to surf the emotion, to really experience it. This is how we learn to flow with the water, and whose emotions always flow.
If we really feel the feelings we get while thinking about the work we no longer like (for example), there is a good chance that the frustration and anger we feel will drive us to action. Like, find another job.
Truly feeling emotion is one of the healthiest things we can do with ourselves, and it's not something they teach in school. So I invite you to join me this week and agree to take a small step passively, just agree to what is and flow with emotion.
Have a good week everyone!
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