Small gifts

Weekly exercise: "Small gifts"
This week we will buy (or make) at least 7 small gifts, and give out one gift every day. It is worth thinking ahead of time who are the people we come in contact with, and what they would like to receive. After giving the gift, we notice how it feels to us, and how it affects the recipient of the gift.
A little more details about the exercise.
He who feels his life is abundant, gives naturally. He who feels that his life is lacking gives less and is more interested in taking and receiving. Consciously lacking we will constantly justify not giving: "I don't have enough for myself so how can I give?" First of all I will get for myself and only then you will give.
In most cases this is not really true. We have enough to give, and you can give right now and not wait for a moment in the future when I will have more. Contrary to the "regular" economy in which the more you give, the less you have left. In the economy of the heart, the more you give, the more you have! It is like a muscle when you use it makes it stronger.
In my life, I recognize pockets of lack that come with expression in the art of not having enough or that I'm not good enough as I am (and the negative emotions that accompany these beliefs). On his face I know it's not true, but at some point I tend to forget. The purpose of the exercise is to remind ourselves at least once a day, that we are abundant, we live in an abundant universe, and that we always have something to give.
The idea is not to wait for plenty, not to wait first to be given. This is the norm, this is our default, this is related to the survival economy... The idea is first to give, and then to observe how it feels, what the atmosphere we created.
With a simple action we will try to challenge aspects of our personality that feel like a victim who has nothing to give, that life has been cruel to him and now he has to look after himself and himself (survival).
Best of luck 😊
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