The Medicine of Laughter

Weekly Exercise: "The Medicine of Laughter".

This week we will laugh for 3 minutes every day 🤣.

How are we going to do this?

First we will stand up, take air out of our mouths while bouncing our diaphragm and making sounds: ah ah ah ah. At first it will sound like a car that won't start, that's how we warm up. In the next phase we add a smile and just allow ourselves to laugh, you can think or remember something really funny.

It is very advisable to do the exercise in pairs or in a small group, because there is a great chance that the others will make us laugh, and also because laughter is very contagious.

More details for those who are interested.

Laughter is medicine, perhaps the best medicine in the world!!! And it's free. Many studies have proven the health benefits of laughter, and our personal experience can confirm this. After a good laugh we feel great, the body is relaxed and comfortable, the breath is open and full, and the atmosphere we are in is just fun - real positivity.

Laughter activates our diaphragm, which is very important for our breathing, and helps it to let go so that it can reach its full potential, rising and falling completely. Physically, laughter opens up all of our systems.

Mentally, laughter is the best medicine for seriousness and complacency. It is so easy for us adults to get caught up in seriousness, heaviness, stress, worry, frustration and anger. Laughter can dissolve this in a second without effort, like a samurai wielding a sword. When we truly laugh, there are no thoughts at all! This is a moment of pure calm and deep joy.

This week's exercise comes from a starting point of learning to laugh more, which is changeable and we should really invest in it. As they say: Fake it until you make it.

I chose this exercise after attending a laughter workshop last week by Chananel Aami Dr. Laughter - חננאל אמיתי דוקטור צחוק It was perfect!!! There I learned the technique of how to create a laugh. In addition to the workshop, Chananel explains how with the help of laughter it is possible to collect and release "heavy emotions" (heavy emotions) from the belly. The exercise is also inspired by Osho's laughter meditation.

Good luck to all.

And I really recommend doing the exercise, preferably in pairs, for a total of 3 minutes a day.... Easy peasy 🤣🤣🤣

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