The shortest meditation in the world

Weekly exercise: "One full breath - the shortest meditation in the world".
Every day this week, we will put 2 reminders (alarm clocks) at different times. Once we hear the ringtone we will stop everything we are doing and take one conscious, full breath. We will pay attention to the air that enters from the nose to the lungs and follow the feeling of the air entering and filling us. Pay attention to the feeling of air coming out of the nose (10 seconds).
A few more details:
Most of us are barely breathing, we are not taking advantage of the natural potential of our breath. Over the years we've developed a pattern of quick and shallow breathing. A primary reason for this is that we try, unconsciously, to avoid fear and pain in all its forms.
Our shallow breathing pattern shrinks our diaphragm, less air asset to the lungs and less oxygen reaches the brain, our body is distressed. Our thinking becomes mechanical, thoughts repeat themselves in a loop, and we don't even realize that it's related to the way we (barely) breathe.
This week, the alarm clock will remind us to breathe deeply. We'll get an opportunity to stop all this loop, and for a moment to insert attention that focuses on the breath. I'm interested to test if a few seconds of breathing awareness can really take them out of automaticity.
Maybe this gives us an opportunity to stop something that is not currently useful to us, so that we can start something new. To wake up for a moment and change the momentum we are in, if necessary.
For newcomers, 10 seconds of presence is a lot of time!
And those who try to increase their focused attention need to start small. The main thing is that we make a real effort to be present. Later, if we want, we can extend this short meditation.
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