The two-minute rule to immerse your habits

Weekly exercise:
"The two-minute rule to immerse your habits"
This week we'll think about one habit we really want to implement in our lives. And for the next 7 days we will do it every day for 2 minutes.
If I want to eat more slowly, I can decide that only my first bite of the meal will be slow, and the rest of the meal is normal.
If I want to start doing yoga, I can pull out the mat, do just one exercise.
If I want to start running I can put on sneakers, leave the house and go straight back.
If I want to be less shy I can ask one person every day, what time is it.
If I want to get stronger I can go to the training ground and do several powerlifting once.
Some more details about the exercise.
Maybe it sounds really funny that to start running it's enough to put on sneakers every day and leave the house.
You might think that if you know you're actually fooling yourself, you won't even attempt the exercise.
What stands behind the exercise is the following principle:
"You need to first implant the leg and only then puncture it"
So what we can do is make it easier for ourselves to implement the habit by limiting it to 2 minutes a day.
It's a lot less threatening, and the chance of actually doing it is greater.
It's like someone who wants to climb a huge mountain but the huge distance and height reflected in front of him is too threatening. He can decide to focus on only the next little step he takes, understanding that if he perseveres, the steps will eventually bring him to the top.
Think for a moment about the habit that for a long time you wanted to implement in your life and didn't succeed. For me it's strength training, what is it to you?
The fact that we failed to implement it shows that there is something standing between our desire and its actual implementation. Something stronger than our will... What is this obstacle?
Everyone can ask themselves honestly and try to answer. What I suggest is that in the meantime we try another way, easy, cool, and funny. A way that puts all the emphasis on the habit first and foremost.
Good luck to all of us
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